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How we make your business Carbon Neutral

Climate change is increasingly recognized as a major challenge, and it is widely accepted that the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by humans are having a negative impact on the environment.

The total set of GHG emissions caused directly and indirectly by an individual, organization, event or product is commonly called their ‘carbon footprint'. The Expert Group can provide a certification process to meet your businesses carbon footprint objectives.

There are a lot of reasons why businesses choose to reduce their Carbon Footprint.

  • Corporate Image and potential profits from growing interest in "green consumerism".
  • Cost Reduction by improving operational efficiencies that reduce operating costs.
  • Community based reasons to improve employee culture and make a contribution to preserving the future of the planet.
  • Reduce exposure to rising energy costs and risks associated with proposed the Carbon Tax and associated policies.

Carbon Foot Print

1. Carbon Audit

2. Carbon Reduction Plan

3. Carbon Neutral

What's Involved?

Energy Audit

NGERS Consulting & Reporting