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3. Carbon Neutral

Carbon Abatement Credits are purchased against emissions that can't be reduced to achieve Carbon Neutrality. We suggest the right carbon mix of offset programs to suit your needs. Whether renewable energy, bio-sequestration, land reduction or emissions flaring. We can advise you on a range of carbon-offset solutions to suit your needs.

The final stage is certification, where the Expert Group provides certification for businesses, which have implemented a plan to become carbon neutral; or which are already carbon neutral; or provide advice for businesses seeking to achieve government Greenhouse Friendly certification.

The Expert Group holds the registrar of your yearly environmental imprint, your offsets, and the projects implemented per year to validate your Carbon Neutral Claim.

Carbon pollution reduction is an ongoing process of continuous improvement that involves annual audits, monitoring, investing in less carbon intensive technology and practices, staff training and ultimately becomes part of the organizations culture.

The Expert Group can provide project management services to facilitate installation of low emission technologies or provide referrals to suitably qualified suppliers and sub-contractors in key areas (Lighting Specialists, Insulation, Solar Technology, Glazing & Windows, Heating & Air-conditioning, Refrigeration, Water heating, Internal & External Screening - blinds).

Some examples of how your business can reduce your Carbon Footprint.

Carbon Foot Print

1. Carbon Audit

2. Carbon Reduction Plan

3. Carbon Neutral

What's Involved?

Energy Audit

NGERS Consulting & Reporting