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2. Carbon Reduction Plan

The extent of this exercise depends on the businesses reasons, motivation and strategic objectives for reducing its Carbon Footprint.

Our carbon footprint methodology is compliant with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol and will capture 100% of the emissions for which your organization is responsible. The report we provide also isolates each emission source, allowing your organization to determine and model emission reduction strategies to determine their payback and viability.

Energy Audits are carried out in accordance with AS/NZS-3598: 2000 the Australian Standard for Energy Audits in conjunction with supporting information from NGER (National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting) Technical Guidelines. A typical review would involve a qualified engineer undertaking a Level 2 Energy Audit that would expand on the primary sources of emissions and identify a range of energy reduction opportunities.

Other elements of the Carbon Reduction Plan could include:

  • Corporate Education to prepare key stakeholders for change
  • Level 3 Energy Audit involving metering, monitoring, analysis and tracking to determine where, when and how energy is used
  • Carbon Lifecycle & Financial Analysis of complex technology decisions.
  • Certification to the government Greenhouse Friendly program
  • Consultancy to facilitate the creation of carbon credits from valid projects and assisting the business to maximize commercial opportunities through technical marketing and "green consumerism"

Carbon Foot Print

1. Carbon Audit

2. Carbon Reduction Plan

3. Carbon Neutral

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