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NABERS rating

National Australian Built Rating System (NABERS) is a performance-based rating system for existing buildings.

NABERS energy rating is an energy efficiency assessment that assists owners and tenants reduce energy consumption, minimize energy costs and lower greenhouse emissions. It benchmarks a building’s (base, tenant and/or whole) greenhouse impact on a scale of 1 to 6.

A 1 star rating being the least efficient and a 6 star rating is awarded for Market Leading performance, and represents a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions or water use from a 5 star rating. Increasingly, prospective tenants and purchasers (e.g. Commonwealth Government, Melbourne City Council) are demanding a NABERS rating of 4.5 stars or higher.

Experience shows that measuring performance and by implementing energy efficiency practices can save 20 to 40% on their energy bills and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

NABERS assessments can rate energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions, water, waste and indoor environment. If you have 12 months of data you can rate your premises using the online NABERS rating calculator, however only NABERS assessors are able to perform accredited ratings. The Expert Group has highly experienced professional engineers with NABERS accreditation to perform NABERS energy, NABERS Water, NABERS Waste and NABERS Indoor Environment assessments.

For more details on the NABERS Energy Rating scheme, see the NABERS home page.

Commercial Building Disclosure

Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) program is a national mandatory program to improve the energy efficiency of Australia’s largest office buildings.

Under the program, most sellers or lessors of office space of 2,000 m2 or more are required to obtain and disclose an up-to-date NABERS Energy efficiency rating. The Expert Group can provide a Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC) for CBD compliance, which comprises:

  • NABERS Energy star rating for the building.
  • An assessment of tenancy lighting in the area of the building that is being sold or leased, and general energy efficiency guidance.

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