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Low Carbon & EE Financing & Incentives

Low Carbon Australia

Clean Technology Investment Program

Community Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP)

Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) scheme

NSW Energy Savings Scheme

SA Residential Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES)

Australian Govt. Sites

Energy Efficiency Exchange (EEX)

Department of Sustainability (DSEWPaC)

Department of Climate Change (DCCEE)

Energy Rating (MEPS)

Energy Star

Department of the Environment (ODS & SGG)

Australian Building Greenhouse Rating (ABGR)


Australian Industry Associations

Australian Institute of Refrig, Air Cond & Heating (AIRAH)

Air Cond & Refrig Equipment Manuf Ass (AREMA)

Australian Refrigeration Council (Arctick)

Refrigerants Australia (RA)

Green Cooling Council (Green Cooling Association)

Refrigerant Reclaim Australia Australian (RRA)

Vehicle Air Cond Specialists of Australia (VASA)

Climate Contol Industry Alliance (CCIA)

Air Cond & Mech Contractors Ass (AMCA)

Refrig & Air Cond Contractors Ass (RACCA)

Property Council of Australia (PCA)

Clean Energy Council

Refrig Warehouse & Trans Ass (RWTA)

Aerosol Industry Association (AIA)

International: Climate

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (ICCP)

European Commission of Environment (EC)

United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)

Department of Environment UK (DEFRA)

Environmental Protection Agency US

International: Carbon

GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting & Reporting

Carbon Trust UK

Llyod's Register QA (CEMARS)

International: Energy

International Energy Agency

Association for Conservation of Energy UK

Alliance to Save Energy US

International: HVAC&R & Refrigerants

Montreal Protocol

European Fluorocarbons Technical Committee

F Gas Regulatory Online Observatory

Institute of Refrigeration UK

Air Cond, Heating & Refrig Institute US

American Society of Heating, Refrig & Air Cond Eng (ASHRAE)

International: Standards

International Standards Organisation (ISO)

Standards Australia (SA)