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Energy performance contracts

The first and most cost effective step in the clean-energy revolution is to dramatically improve energy efficiency. We offer our clients a variety of options ranging from site energy assessments and audits, feasibility studies and energy performance contracts, through to complete end to end services where we can facilitate the process to transition to energy efficient and low emission technologies.

With rising energy costs and the new price on carbon, make improving energy efficiency a top priority and speak to Expert Group’s energy efficiency consultants. Melbourne businesses can reach us on 03 9592 9111 to organise an initial appointment or consultation.

Energy Efficiency Consultants

An energy performance contract provides a 'risk-reward' incentive for the ‘contractor-client’ as it delivers guaranteed energy reduction or savings pursuant to the results of the detailed feasibility study, and the additional energy savings are shared with the client.

End-to-end services steps include:

1. Project scoping.

2. Site audit (feasibility studies & analysis).

3. Identification of energy efficiency and carbon reduction

4. Project finance (ROI, payback, finance options including
government incentives and loans, white certificate programs such as the Emissions Reduction Fund Energy Efficiency Priority activities, Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates and NSW Energy Savings Scheme

5. Implementation of energy efficiency and low emission
technologies (project manage installation and commissioning).

6. Performance assessment (monitoring and verification).

Engaging the services of our experienced energy efficiency consultants can transform energy efficient and low carbon opportunities into sustainable cost reduction initiatives that contribute to the bottom line and prepare your business for a low carbon economy.

Energy Management Consultants Melbourne

As part of an energy performance contract some clients request an engineer be embedded in their business for the duration of a project. This solution provides weekly or fortnightly one-on-one contact with a leading energy efficiency engineer. To organise this, just speak to one of our energy management consultants. Melbourne businesses can rely on Expert Group for industry experts as and when they need.

The Expert Group is an independent consulting firm with extensive experience working with government and private enterprise, in the development of climate change, equipment energy rating and renewable energy policies and programs, as well as delivering innovative, practical and cost-effective solutions that help businesses to thrive in a highly competitive, carbon-constrained world.

Sometimes the solution requires innovation or a combination of complementary technologies, please contact us for an in confidence, no-obligation discussion on how we can assist.

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