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Energy Audit - Save Energy, Cut Emissions and Adapt!

Energy is an essential business input and energy audits are an excellent way to evaluate the main sources of energy consumption and identify key energy saving opportunities to tackle rising energy costs and reduce environmental impacts.

The Expert Group are leading energy efficiency engineers that understand that businesses need to stay focused on their core business activities and on the bottom line. So leave it to the experts to figure out how to save energy!

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What's involved in
an Energy Audit?
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A comprehensive energy management plan is a Corporate Energy Saving Solution that investigates opportunities at different levels within an organisation including:

  • Factory or system level - optimization (proper loading), and integration can ensure system maximum efficiency. In addition, implementation of new or alternate energy or process systems can improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.
  • Facilities level - efficient lighting, heating, and cooling, and alternative energy can reduce energy loads – Energy Efficiency Exchange shares best practice information by industry sector, technology and energy management initiatives.
  • Equipment and component level - energy efficient choices for new equipment, and the replacement of older components and equipment with higher efficiency models when feasible - energy rating information can be found on E3 Equipment Energy Efficiency.
  • Preventative maintenance - ensure equipment is operating efficiently and at optimal performance.
  • Organizational level - strong company commitment to energy management, employee involvement and continuous improvement (measurement, monitoring, target setting, and KPIs).
  • Innovative or complementary technologies that deliver green energy solutions with compelling payback periods.

An energy management plan can be implemented by the business or as part of an energy performance contract or many of our clients request an engineer be embedded in their business for the duration of a project. This solution provides weekly or fortnightly one-on-one contact with a leading energy efficiency engineer.