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Energy Audit - Save Energy, Cut Emissions and Adapt!

Energy is an essential business input and energy audits are an excellent way to evaluate the main sources of energy consumption and identify key energy saving opportunities to tackle rising energy costs and reduce environmental impacts.

The Expert Group are leading energy efficiency engineers that understand that businesses need to stay focused on their core business activities and on the bottom line. So leave it to the experts to figure out how to save energy with an in-depth commercial energy audit! Melbourne businesses, across all industries, can increase their energy efficiency with Expert Group.

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Commercial / Industrial, Building & Hvac Energy Audit

An energy audit is a detailed assessment of where and how energy is used within your business and the most accepted methodology is in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 3598.

It examines things such as electricity usage, tariffs and load profiling; lighting systems; heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration systems, and specific electrical devices and services. An energy audit may be conducted at three levels of detail depending on your business needs.

Level 1 Energy Audit provides a brief report that gives a broad overview of site energy use, account and tariff analysis; and a summary of high priority actions for further investigation.

Level 2 Energy Audit incorporates all aspects of a Level 1 audit but goes into greater detail involving a walk-though assessment, broad calculation of the main energy end uses (e.g. lighting, equipment). In the absence of separate metering, figures are estimated from plant ratings and operating hours, using appropriate assumptions to model energy use. It involves the identification of measures to achieve ‘predicted' savings and capital costs and savings estimates to an accuracy of plus or minus 20%.

Level 3 Energy Audit is a rigorous examination aimed at developing detailed business cases for investment and includes measurement and verification, and preliminary specifications for works implementation. This can be done on a whole site or project basis and is usually conducted following the completion of a Level 1 or Level 2 audit or similar study.

It incorporates an analysis of energy usage, involving metering, monitoring, analysis and tracking to determine where, when and how energy is used. With an included HVAC energy audit, Melbourne businesses can get an in-depth look at how climate control in their building may be improved. It estimates capital costs and savings to an accuracy of plus 10% for costs, minus 10% for benefits and identification of measures to achieve ‘actual' savings. Recommendations are sufficiently detailed and accurate to enable quotations to be invited.

The outcome of the targeted energy audit should flow into an energy management plan with an ongoing process of identifying, planning and implementing improvements in the way an organisation uses energy. These measures could be implemented by the business or be part of an energy performance contract. We ensure that our commercial energy auditing gives Melbourne businesses clearly defined, yet flexible, strategies to move ahead with.

With experience working across a range of industries, we ensure these energy management plans are tailored to your field and required infrastructure. Providing an industrial energy audit in Melbourne industrial facilities, factories and operations can uncover massive savings and efficiency solutions with Expert Group. We make sure that these solutions are relevant to your equipment and energy demands, as opposed to a standard office or commercial building energy audit.

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