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Shane Holt, Principal Consultant

Shane Holt has over 30 years’ experience working in Australian Government and with industry. He has managed large teams of researchers and consultants working on equipment energy efficiency for almost 20 years.

Shane is a political scientist with legal qualifications who has been involved in all facets of advising government; within the bureaucracy, within the Parliamentary Committee system monitoring government policies, and as an independent lobbyist and consultant. From 2002, he became the Chair of the national committee managing input from State, Territory and from the New Zealand government on appliance and equipment energy efficiency standards and labelling. In 2012, he was part of the management team that drafted the GEMS national legislation for end-use equipment in Australia, and in 2014 he was part of the Taskforce recommending Australia’s post 2020 carbon emission target. Shane has developed complex policy and program frameworks for Australian Governments of differing political positions, and represented Australia at numerous international conferences and in official dialogues.

Over the last 10 years much of Shane’s international focus has been on assisting countries in the Asia Pacific region or in multilateral endeavours. Shane was posted to the International Energy Agency in 2010 and was the Deputy Chair of the IEA End-Use Equipment Energy Efficiency Implementing Agreement for 5 years, as well as the project lead for several Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation and Asia Pacific Clean Development & Climate projects. He has been an Australia delegate to many multi-national organizations and NGOs responsible for product energy efficiency, and participated in many Standards Australia and international standards organisation committees.

As responsibility for energy efficiency in Australia has moved across various Federal departments over the years, Shane has experience in working in all the Australian Government agencies that have had a role in energy and greenhouse policy in the last 20 years. This experience, and first hand detailed understanding of government, enables him to explain internal government processes to clients and to assist them interpret government agency policy and practice as well as its interactions and impacts on their businesses.